Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Christmas from hell- or my most secular Christmas ever!

The following is taken from my post at "Christians that DO NOT drink alcohol" FaceBook group. I am not judging another's choice to drink or not to drink, or their walk with Christ, it is my own stumbling block. I started this group for fellowship and support.

Last Christmas we had snow storm for the first time here. My husband and I had an invitation to a Christian leader's home that knew me and I thought I was 'safe'. They had mentioned some unsaved neighbors that they we trying to reach through 'friendship evangelism' (Neither 'friendship' OR 'evangelism' in my opinion). So we braved the storm and Steve my husband drove there. We no sooner stepped in the door and the hostess asked me NOT to talk about Jesus to their unsaved friends! I had no idea their unsaved friends were also attending. I almost turned on my heels and left right then. But due to the weather we stayed.

Within a few minutes the host took out at a bottle of wine and asked if I wanted a glass. I reminded them that I am "allergic" to alcohol. I then went into the bathroom and prayed desperately! Steve ask the hostess to please put the bottle in the fridge. Well, I was really torn, dinner was about to be served and there were other family and guests there. I did not know how to suddenly leave at that point.

Well, who sat next to me at dinner but the "unsaved" guy neighbor! So I asked him about his life and he told me he was a retired DEA agent. That gave me a perfect opportunity to tell him my own testimony during dinner. When he stated that he had a friend that could not stop drinking or doing drugs, he told me, "You must be really strong!"

"No actually I am NOT strong," I informed him, "God has done great things in my life and if He wanted to hear more I would be happy to tell him about it." "NO NO", he said and then changed the subject. But GOD STILL GOT THE GLORY!

Well, there you have it. I GOT TO WITNESS TO HIM ANYWAY! "Nanny nanny na na!" :P
The couple hosting went away on an extended vacation shortly thereafter and my husband and I no longer attend the group because of this incident. I have been torn about what to do; either tell the couple about the torment they put me through or just drop it. At this point we are just moving on and praying for the WHOLE bunch!

My point is, never assume you are safe ANYWHERE. Satan stalks us like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour! Beware of "wolves in sheep's clothing." Always be on your guard!
I thank God for my Godly husband and that he played interference and helped me get through a very strange and difficult Christmas Day.

The MOST secular Christmas of my life. The day we celebrate our Savior's birth. Go figure~


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