Sunday, November 06, 2005

Saturday night 11/5/05

AFter church my step daughter Bethany thought she'd like to come "shopping "with me at Walmart.
Met 2 young punk rockers buying small fish for their pet eel. Green hair bizarre piercing some Insane Clown Posse shirt. Got through the laws but then the girl getting them fish said I can't solicit there so I wrapped it up. Holy Spirit will work the rest. (How was I soliciting??)
The most moving one was Chris .He was wearing a manbag/messenger bag. I was moved to speak to him and take all the way WOTM but he just said. No matter what he's going to hell because he's a homosexual. I gave him alittle of my "salty" testimony and encouraged him that God loves him not the sin. Be repentant, come to Jesus, He'll clean up the sin issues. I gave him a church info sheet and invted him to visit.
He emailed me ,before I even got home to say he prayed in his car and that at first I scared him. But he never met a stranger who said such kind words to him before. I am senging him a Gospel of John.
BTW-After Chris and I spoke I rounded the corner n frozen food. There at the cool whip freezer was a big blue eyed sweet black man. I just saw his name tag and saig "D, I know you are a soundly saved believer in Jesus. praise God! He said he was serving the Lord for 16 years. Let's pray for Chris I told him. We sent up a mighty prayer for D and Chris. Blessing to you D! God has heard Amen.
Later gators,
In His Grip,
Sister Darlene


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